Once again DryStream takes the initiative offering its unique website connection utility to dry cleaners.

Today, every business needs a website to announce its presence to local clientelle.

At the very least the site should extol the virtues of the dry cleaner and show why it is better than its competitors.

Ready to place their orders online,  customers should be able to book driver collections and subsequently monitor progress of orders.

So DryStream has created its WebConnect pack allowing dry cleaners to embed that facility within their own websites and smartphone apps.

DryStream WebConnect

Customers can book collections according to the dry cleaner's collection and delivery schedules as the WebConnect pack dynamically interfaces with the dry cleaner’s DryStream EPoS terminal in the shop, prepares the orders for arrival and automatically adds the bookings on drivers route lists.

Customer service continues as WebConnect provides order progress monitoring until the cleaning is delivered.

The DryStream WebConnect pack is available as an integrator’s utility or DryStream can embed it for you.

Please call 020 8441 0102 for more details.

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