You can buy your new DryStream EPoS system outright, or you can finance it over 3 or 5 years on a fixed term agreement. At the end of the agreement you STOP PAYING.

Unlike other EPoS suppliers, there are no compulsory fees or charges with DryStream.

If you choose an EPoS system that demands monthly fees you’ll be paying those every month FOREVER. You’ll end up paying more for what is most probably an inferior system

Telephone Support is completely free of charge with DryStream*. While other suppliers may not speak to you until you have a credit card in your hand to pay their charges, DryStream telephone support is free for as long as you own your system*.

You may think it’s odd that we make a fuss about this but you would be surprised how other companies charge dearly for these things. Some owners don’t appreciate how painful such charges can be until they’ve bought their systems and realise they are ‘locked-in’ to never-ending expensive monthly charges.

There are no compulsory on-going charges with DryStream.

No Charges for Telephone Support*
No Charges for Software Licencing
No Charges for Local Data Hosting
No Charges for Software Activation
No internet connection required in your shops
There are no Compulsory On-Going Charges with DryStream. Just another reason why DryStream is the best EPoS system for Dry Cleaners and Launderers and why it’s the industry’s choice.
No Monthly Fees 200 x150
Cost Comparison

*UK customers only. Charges for telephone support apply to customers using DryStream systems outside the UK.

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 The Industry’s Choice of EPoS Systems for Dry Cleaners & Launderers Since 1993

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